Dragonfly DuLou is Los Angeles’ premiere family one-stop-shop that gets style as much as it gets parentingDragonfly DuLou was the brain child of former hair stylist Lana Chirco-Baltz and actor Kirk Baltz. As new parents, they were searching all over town for a place that supported a community of families. They were looking for a spot cool enough to hang out at run by people who understood parenting who also had an impeccable taste in fashion and an inspiring sense of humor. They dreamed of a place that nurtured children’s creativity and welcomed parents’ participation.

When they found nothing, the couple toyed with the idea of starting a lifestyle boutique and club that catered to the full spectrum of parenting needs. They were convinced there were other parents like them. They were right.

On Halloween 2004, Dragonfly DuLou opened its doors to serve Los Angeles families. Since then, Dragonfly DuLou has come to be known as a funky, one-of-a-kind treasure that so artfully reflects the tastes and cultures of a new generation of parents across Los Angeles.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  When that village is our vibrant and diverse Los Angeles, the process of raising kids isn’t simply fun. It’s like a neverending party that educates adults to learn from kids. This is how the Dragonfly DuLou community raises children. As an integral part of the L.A. family scene, we continually grow with all the families we serve.