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It has almost been a week since my son’s 2nd birthday party at Dragonfly DuLou. I’m still getting compliments for the fun had and the treasure space which is Dragonfly DuLou. Yes it is also a children’s store with many hip items from tees to trinkets, but I want to focus more on how happy I am with the entire production from start to finish
These two hours have been so full of fun and great vibe I really am so grateful. I’m so happy that my friends who are parents came here because like me; this treasure is a new discovery for them.
It’s fully equipped and ready. Trampoline, several car things for kids, bathroom, outside patio at area with wonderful cheerful paintings on the wall. The adults had a blast as well.
So accommodating and the price (in comparison to other spots) is way too cheap. Knowing what I know and experienced now, I think the prices are too low. And I don’t have money. I’m a single mom, work hard; but this is money well spent. I had a break and enjoyed myself with my son and our guests. This is priceless.
Mishelle M. (LA)
OMG…It doesnt get any better than this! Your ones stop shop for all things kiddie! Besides having an amazing selection of toys, clothes, and books for children, they offer an amazing selection of classes and lectures too! A definate must to check out if you are in the Los Feliz area!
Denise F. (LA)
I can’t believe nobody has written about this gem on Hilhurst yet!  This is a cute baby/kid store with a beautiful (and big) tropical fish tank in the middle, which my daughter loves so much.  Wonderful selection of toys,clothing and so on… They also have classes like Music Together in the room in the back. Great place, particularly, for the parents with babies or toddlers. The owner and the staff are all friendly and sincere.
Maddy M. (LA)
My two year old and I attended the baila baila Spanish class with Fernanda and were very pleased with it. I would highly recommend it and definitely plan on going back before the sessions are over. We also did a little damage in the super cute shop. They really have a great selection of unique toys and clothing. Not what you find in the chain stores. The only reason I am not giving it five stars is because I feel that the service at the shop could have been better as far as having someone more interested in customer service perhaps a little warmer specially due to the nature of the business.
Familia C. (LA) 
The classes are PERFECT!  We love everything about them.  ESPECIALLY Miss Mary’s beautiful voice, calming energy and amazing hello and goodbye songs.                   ~ Katie D., Woodland Hills, CA

It’s amazing to me how Miss Mary transforms a room of under slept parents and babies into smiles and energy! Her classes have been a HUGE gift to my little guy and me in providing an open creative space for him to absorb music and socialize with other little ones at different stages of development.”                  ~ Sara M., Los Angeles, CA
LoveBug & Me classes are so well thought out, [they] always have something new for the kids.. yet keep certain things repetitive so they can learn. It is the perfect blend between relaxing time & activity time..slow songs and fast songs. The variety is excellent and the way she can entertain a room full of babies, toddlers, parents and nannies with so much ease amazes me!!            ~ Lisa A., Chatsworth, CA

I shopped around when we were first looking to enroll and I was surprised that many programs didn’t offer “live” music but instead relied heavily on an iPod. Miss Mary’s approach was a breath of fresh air as she not only plays music live (guitar, ukele AND the accordion) but has written the large majority of the songs that we learn and sing every week. They are catchy, upbeat and easy for the kiddies to learn. She is so warm with the children and definitely brings her experience as the mom as well as musician to the table.        ~ Nicole Z., Los Angeles, CA