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We love Dragonfly Dulou! Not only do they have the most adorable kids’ clothes imaginable, the kids actually love to go there, play, take classes, and have a blast! Congrats on 5 years!” Josh & Tina

“Being a parent in Los Feliz wouldn’t be the same without Dragonfly DuLou. It’s a hub of activity for my toddler with its music together classes. It’s a hip boutique that gives a whole new meaning to the word “layette”, and it’s a neighborhood toy store with beautifully crafted playthings you’ll want to keep in the family long after your kid has grown!!!” Anne

 Thank you for all the great services  and activities you provide – the Music Together classes, unique children’s gifts, and courtyard to play in, just to name a few! We always love the time we spend at Dragonfly DuLou.” Sara Ring

“We absolutely love Music Together class at Dragonfly Dulou. Sheila is a fantastic, kind, and talented teacher. The other kids and families are great, too. Love the neighborhood-y vibe and the tunes! We will be back for more! “ Tom (dad of Margo, 15 months)

“My wife and I have been attending music together classes with our baby daughter for 7 of her nine months and have loved the program! Sheila is a kind and joyful class leader and the exposure to other couples, children and music in general has been a cornerstone of our development as a new family. The songs extend beyond each weekly class to be part of our daily lives and rituals – we all look forward to coming to dragonfly each week! I also attended a friends birthday party there which was very well run & the shop itself is charming.” Dan

“I have been coming to Music Together for 4 years now with both of my children. The teachers have a great way of keeping it entertaining, challenging and engaging for both my 2 year old and me. With their musical talents and understanding of being a parent, they create a class that I truly enjoy bringing my daughter to. This class has been a treat for both of us and also allowed us a unique bonding time. Lauren Sullivan

“We love our Music Together class. My son was shy at first but as the classes progressed, he now dances around singing all the songs. The teachers have a wonderful way with the children and always gives us great developmental pointers to help get the most of music and our time together.
Shanti Greenspan

“Music Together at Dragonfly DuLou is Agnes Fox-Clifford’s favorite part of the week!” Jeff Clifford

“Sheila’s energy and spirit are infectious and brings joy to the children” EK

“My mom was a kindergarten teacher and taught me many of the beautiful and educational songs my daughter is lucky enough to experience now in Music Together. This takes me back to some of the happiest memories of my childhood. Fenan’s teacher  is sweet, lovely, and a great pied piper! This class is an oasis from our video, electronic, computer bombardment and deals with the creative, social skills we are neglecting.”

“We look forward to coming every week. Besides the singing and dancing, my child learns about sharing and playing with others” Sabrina Khan

“We love Dragonfly DuLou’s Music Together classes…so much fun! The teachers are wonderful and make everyone feel so comfortable While having fun with music! Thanks Dragonfly DuLou for having these Classes…this is our fourth semester with you!” S.K. Snyder

“I have come to the class twice with my granddaughter and I love it. It makes me come alive! This is a great class!” Diana

“We have attended a number of Music Together classes at different venues in Los Angeles and New York. Dragonfly DuLou’s are by far the best we’ve found! My daughter loves it…we’ll be back for more!” Janice G.

“We love coming to class- we look forward to it every Saturday. Sheila is great! Love, love, love it!” KC

“We love Music Together! My daughter sings the songs all week and is so excited when we sing them all together!” Kim & Maya Gonzales

“My husband and I just completed Kate’s class this month (I’m due this month) and we are very happy with everything we learned! Not only was the class educational but Kate made it such a great experience. She is a knowledgable instructor and parent who loves to share her experiences with soon to be parents. You learn everything from nutrition, the phases of labor, how to be a labor coach, infant care, breastfeeding, and then some. All of this awesome information is spread out in a 12 week course.
If your goal is to have the least amount of medical intervention needed then I highly recommend this class. If you want to be an informed couple before heading into one of the biggest events of your life I also highly recommend this class.
My husband and I now feel a sense of relief due to this new found knowledge. We are confident in being able to make educated decisions because of what we learned in Kate’s class!” Liz B.

“As a husband I appreciated not only Kate’s terrific help for my wife, but her ability to give me a much better understanding of the power of my role in supporting my wife.  She gives grounded, concrete guidance as well as a deeply respectful mentoring which helped me to find a personal and authentic way to be present for my wife. ” Stephen

“Kate conducts her classes in an extremely sensitive manner, thinking about the needs of each couple. We really enjoyed being in her class. Beyond just teaching about The Bradley Method®, she takes an active interest in every student. You feel as if she is both friend and teacher. We often stayed after class to ask Kate about our individual pregnancy related issues. Not once did we hesitate to call Kate outside of class if we had some concerns or worries about the birth.” Bipasha & Chris

“We are so grateful to have found Kate’s Bradley Method class. Her teaching style is gentle, informative, inspiring and non-judgmental. ” Blythe B.
“As a medical student I can easily state that Kate Movius is both highly intelligent and knowledgeable in the biology of pregnancy, but her true art is her skill in helping a couple make it through that pregnancy. ” Vik
“I cannot recommend Kate’s Bradley Method class highly enough. It gives you all the information you need to fully participate in the decision-making around your child’s birth, and as much coaching, practice and support as anything possibly could to prepare you for the physical and emotional demands of the experience. ” Dave